My Front Yard Garden

My Front Yard Garden

Last year I dug up a 3′ x 8′ spot of grass in front of my house between the sidewalk and planted basil and sunflowers. We had a major surplus of basil and it was enjoyed by all of my many housemates and neighbors.

front yard

This year I decided that there was absolutely no reason for us to have useless, inedible, ugly, wasteful grass in our front yard when we could make a much better use of the space by growing food. Because I had an excess of time and limited financial resources, I removed all of the grass and weeds using a shovel and a hoe rather than renting a tiller. It was exhausting, dirty, painful, and incredibly rewarding to finish.

Instead of grass, I planted…

39 cilantro plants


33 basil plants

25 baby lettuce

19 mustard green plants


20 sunflowers (I actually only planted 10 and the other 10 grew on their own from seeds that dropped from last year’s sunflowers). Yesterday there were 59 actual flowers! At least two are over ten feet.


flower face

14 tomato plants (60+ tomatoes so far!)


11 kale

11 spinach (planted yesterday)

9 bean plants

7 Egyptian walking onions

3 habaneros

2 jalepenos

1 cayenne

1 thai dragon pepper

Growing mostly from seeds the garden cost less than $20!

It’s easy to do, ask me if you are interested in doing the same. This is the view from my front porch: front porch

These pictures were taken about a month ago.


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