Pittsburgh has an “h”!

I’ve been living here for a couple of months and will be exploring Pittsburgh through the eyes of a transplant. My vision is colored by living in Washington, DC for over seven years and becoming accustomed to the culture of that city which is vastly different than most in this country.

There will be many things about Pittsburgh that thrill me and that many seem commonplace to residents (the views of the city from the hills; affordable housing), while some of what I’ve taken for granted in Washington, DC (great public transit) is something unknown here.

I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties (no spacebar on my laptop), but will shortly begin examining some of the aspects of Pittsburgh that convinced me to move here, and might convince you too.  Pittsburgh is rife with possibility and imagination. To paraphrase Greater Greater Washington, “The Pittsburgh area is great, but it could be greater”.

What people and ideas are shaping this changing city?


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