New Study Shows 20 mph Speed Limit and Drastically Reduce Injury and Death

New Study Shows 20 mph Speed Limit and Drastically Reduce Injury and Death

From Copenhagenize:

“The British Medical Journal published a paper about the effect of 20 mph traffic zones on road injuries in London…

Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in London, 1986-2006

Results: The introduction of 20 mph zones was associated with a 41.9% (95% confidence interval 36.0% to 47.8%) reduction in road casualties, after adjustment for underlying time trends. The percentage reduction was greatest in younger children and greater for the category of killed or seriously injured casualties than for minor injuries. There was no evidence of casualty migration to areas adjacent to 20 mph zones, where casualties also fell slightly by an average of 8.0% (4.4% to 11.5%).

Conclusions: 20 mph zones are effective measures for reducing road injuries and deaths.”

It’s unconscionable to have this information available and not make changes to save people’s lives.

By enacting effective traffic calming measures, communities may allow cars and pedestrians to exist harmoniously, greatly reducing the likelihood of serious injury or death. The U.S. would do well to emulate Germany’s example which of “Spielstrasse“, or play streets, in which the pedestrian may use the entire street and the speed limit is walking pace. Speaking to Momentum magazine,  play street resident Anne Arnold-Winkenbach observes “that drivers sometimes go too fast down the street… Ten (6.2 mph), 15 (9.3 mph), sometimes even 20 km/h (12.4 mph).”

Authors of the British study note that “20mph zones in London save 200 lives a year, but this could increase to 700 if plans to extend the zones were implemented.”


5 thoughts on “New Study Shows 20 mph Speed Limit and Drastically Reduce Injury and Death

  1. Hey, Laura. Cool writings! I knew that they had pedestrian zones, “Fussgangerwegs,” but had no idea about Spielstrassen.”

  2. why not lower the speed limit to 10 MPH? I cant imagine too many accidents happening if everyone went 10 MPH. Or even better, you should just make cars illegal, that would reduce car accidents by 100%. Just to be safe everyone might as well just stay in their houses all day in order to reduce risk or injury. Unnecessary exercise should be banned due to injury risk. Air travel should be banned also due to risk of plane crash or terrorist incident….. Does anyone know where we should draw the line here?

    1. Actually I was about to agree with you after your first sentence before I read the rest of the sarcasm. I was just thinking this this weekend.

      Reducing the speed limit in urban residential areas to 10mph would be fantastic and would drastically reduces deaths and injuries caused by transportation.

      Your transportation doesn’t have the right to get in the way of my life.

  3. The line, Joey, should be somewhere where we show a bit more restraint and awareness. You are talking like the world belong to the cars and drivers. as long as the oil is a limited resource that is cheap only in your country, the world that you are talking about is a fake

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