Some Views of Pittsburgh

Some Views of Pittsburgh

I’m enjoying exploring my new city by bicycle and by foot. These are some pictures I took while walking around in the first couple of weeks of the year when it snowed every day.

The skyscrapers at eye-level from an overlook at the top of Mt. Washington on the South Side:

A collection of bridges over the three rivers:

After climbing up a cobblestone street on the North Side where I live, I found one of Pittsburgh’s several hundred sets of stairs:

I climbed 100 stairs and was rewarded with this view:

From “The city of Pittsburgh has 712 public stairways with a total of 44,645 steps … Tallied together, that’s more than 24,000 vertical feet, or four miles in height – more than 4,000 feet higher than Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America. It also gives Pittsburgh the distinction as the U.S. city with the most public stairways. With 712 sets of stairs, the city of Pittsburgh has almost as many steps as the next two cities on the list (Cincinnati, 400 and San Francisco, 350) combined.”

According to Wikipedia, Pittsburgh is tied with Prentiss St. in San Franscisco for steepest urban street in the United States. Canton Ave. is nauseatingly steep at 37% grade which means that “for every 100 ft of horizontal distance traveled, the elevation changes by 37 ft”. This photograph has been temporarily borrowed from that same website until I can take one.

Check out this video from the terrifying-sounding bicycle ride in Pittsburgh, the Dirty Dozen, as riders struggle to make it up this hill.


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