Pittsburgh Demonstrates Multimillion Dollar Commitment to City Parks

Pittsburgh Demonstrates Multimillion Dollar Commitment to City Parks

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a partnership between the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the city’s Department of Public Works will invest $3.02 million to improve the trails in four city parks.

Gorgeous view of Nine Mile Run in Frick Park by John Moyer

Frick, Schenley, Riverview and Highland parks will benefit from this joint effort and some of the work is projected to be completed as early as mid-summer.

One major problem currently facing the trails is their size. Stretching in some places to 20 feet wide, the trails are difficult to maintain and are susceptible to flooding, water-damage, and erosion during heavy rains. Compacting the trails to a more manageable 8-10 foot width will make them easier to clear and preserve.

In addition to funds for maintenance, the investment will also allow the creation of a new trail in Highland Park, and the installation of 100 new signs to make the trails and parks easier to navigate.

To enhance the parks and keep the momentum of involvement during the cold months, the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation is seeking volunteers to knit or crochet trail markers for the city’s parks. To offer your time or assistance to this effort, contact the Community Sustainability Coordinator.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy offers numerous opportunities to volunteer, as well as dozens of events and activities to become acquainted with the over 10,000 acres of parkland within the city of Pittsburgh. I look forward to exploring this preserved public space in the coming months.


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