Portland Investing $600 Million in Bicycle Infrastructure

Portland Investing $600 Million in Bicycle Infrastructure

From Streetsblog via Portlandize:

Portland is planning to invest $600 million dollars to support bicycle infrastructure over the next 20 years with the aim of increasing trips made by bicycle to 25%.

An excerpt from the Portlandize article:

“What many cities in Europe have found out, is that pedestrians and cyclists are better shoppers than those who arrive in automobiles. They are more able to stop on a whim, browse casually…. Many major shopping districts in European cities are car-free, and they thrive.

Active citizens are healthier citizens, and more productive citizens, and the city, as well as companies, pay money to support health care costs for the citizens of a city. An active lifestyle is one of the best preventative medicines, and countries in Europe have done studies that show the monetary benefits of having their workforce healthy and productive due to being regularly active are massive.


We spend hours and hours sitting in our cars, wasting fuel, wasting time, polluting the air. Our streets simply cannot handle the volume of traffic we currently have, and we are expecting growth. Not only can we not afford to tear up our neighborhoods to build bigger roads (from a community point of view), we can much more easily afford to add bicycle infrastructure to our existing roads than build more roads. Portland’s entire 300 mile network of bikeways cost about the same as 1 mile of urban freeway. Granted, some of the stuff in the Portland Bicycle Plan is more expensive that what we have done so far, but it is still minuscule compared to the cost of building and maintaining automobile-only roads.”

Planning a city for public transportation, for bikes and pedestrians is both more space and cost-efficient. In addition to the monetary savings, investing in active transportation provides enormous health benefits, including improved air quality.

Now is the perfect time to start making sound decisions for our neighborhoods and cities.


One thought on “Portland Investing $600 Million in Bicycle Infrastructure

  1. I agree.

    I dig it.

    I have thought for years that DC could model some of their public space after the “walking malls” of Burlington or Boulder

    maybe close of parts of the city like Eastern Market and Georgetown on the weekends

    then how about Bethesda Avenue near the Capital Crescent Trail


    make it happen!

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