How to Work Five Hours a Week and Earn $14,770!

How to Work Five Hours a Week and Earn $14,770!

Am I writing for the Onion?

Auto-maker bailout star GM announced Friday that current CEO Ed Whitacre “will receive a salary of $1.7 million this year, plus stock awards that will bring his total pay package to $9 million.” Although his pay is beyond the limit set for executives of bailed out companies “an exemption was worked out with government pay czar Kenneth Feinberg”, according to a GM spokesman.

GM…? Isn’t that the failing company that asked for money from the government?

That borrowed money from the bankrupt, weary, unemployed American people to the tune of $52,000,000,000 last year? $52 billion dollars?

Isn’t that the company that specializes in producing tools that kill 40,000 people every year? A company that made and lost its money making tools that kill a plane-load of people every single day of every single year?

According to the New York Times GM also made “a surprise announcement”. The company had decided to hire their former CEO Fritz Henderson as a consultant for a salary of $59,090.

To work 20 hours a week. Oh wow! That’s a reasonable amount for a normal person to live on, I can’t believe they really are capping executive pay.

Then I read the next phrase several times: “$59,090 a month”.


They’re paying him $59,090 a MONTH. Oh. And he’s not working 20 hours a WEEK. He’s working 20 hours a MONTH. Five hours a week. He’s making $2,954 an hour.

And just because I can’t register that fact as calmly as the New York Times, that means ex-CEO Henderson and now Consultant Henderson will be working 240 hours a year – about what the average person works in six weeks.

Unlike the average person, he’s making $709,080 a year; every week he’ll be making $14,770.

I wonder if he gets benefits, something most employers don’t provide for part-time workers.

Can you imagine a five hour  work week, and what you could do with the rest of your life? I’d like to survive by selling my labor or ideas to someone else for just five hours a week!

I could spend my time sewing, riding my bike, reading, walking, cooking, writing, gardening, dancing, and spending time with friends and family. I could go to museums, see art, make art, make out.

I could plant sunflowers around my neighborhood, get to know my neighbors, host potlucks, be involved in my community, maybe I’d even start my own small business!

I could spend the rest of my life living!

What you do if you earned $14,770 weekly for five hours of work?


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