Washington, D.C.’s Transportation Action Agenda

Washington, D.C.’s Transportation Action Agenda

I was bowled over last week when I saw the Action Agenda from Washington, D.C.’s Department of Transportation. I was really excited to share some of the best parts of it, but now a bunch of time has passed and many other people have already analyzed it so I’ll just send you in their direction.

The WashCycle calls the plan “very exciting stuff,” noting that “If they pull half of this off, it’ll start to look a lot like Portland around here…It’s like our DMV has grown up into a real Transportation Department.”

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space‘s Richard Layman says the Agenda “refocuses the transportation agenda on what we might call complete places and sustainable and optimal transportation and linking land use and transportation planning and objectives. It appears to extend the thinking of the Transportation element from the DC Comprehensive Plan in a more integrated fashion.”

Overall, I am really, really impressed.

I am especially excited about the plan to educate new drivers about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Although I think it should be incorporated into license renewal procedures for already licensed drivers… And even better would be if DOT and the Department of Education worked together to incorporate bicycle safety and use into the curriculum at an early age, as is standard in many European countries that have a much lower dependence on automotive transportation.

Things are looking up in Washington, DC where I was a pedestrian, cyclist, public transportation aficionado for nearly eight years. I’m excited to see what happens next.

My recommendation for Action Agenda 2014 is free public transportation.

How about it, government? How about it, citizens?


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