Update: Pittsburgh Approves Bike Parking Proposal

Update: Pittsburgh Approves Bike Parking Proposal

Today the Pittsburgh City Council unanimously approved the bike parking ordinance which has been floating around the city since last September.

Follow the riveting saga and re-live each breathtaking moment!

The City Planning Commission approves bike parking ordinance, measure to go before City Council and open for a public hearing, scheduled for February 9. Details about the ordinance are available here.

Next, the constantly falling snow prompted the Council to postpone the hearing. This is the same snow that covered bike trails for weeks after it was cleared off roads.

The hearing is rescheduled for March 9, unfortunately coinciding with the National Bike Summit in Washington, meaning that the entire staff of Bike Pittsburgh, the advocates that have been working on this legislation for quite a long time, will be out of town and unable to attend.

A number of the bike riding public show up to the hearing to give support for the ordinance. They share why this measure will help Pittsburgh become a greener and more livable city by providing people with a safe way to lock their no-emissions vehicles.

The Council is expected to vote on the proposal the following day, but two Councilmembers have some questions they’d like answered before voting. Unspeakably exciting details on the public hearing are available here.

And today, March 17, the City Council followed suit and voted unanimously with the City Planning Commission and approves the new plan.

Next step, the desk of Mayor Ravenstahl.

I have only been in town for a few months, long after the work on this important measure began, and it was due to the hard work of Bike Pittsburgh staff and members, unaffiliated bike riders, concerned citizens, a helpful Planning Commission, and supportive Councilmembers that made this possible.

Cheers to all who contributed time, effort, passion, and creativity to getting this passed!


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