No Bikes Allowed in Allegheny Cemetery

No Bikes Allowed in Allegheny Cemetery

This is the No Bicycles sign in the Allegheny Cemetery

No Bikes Allowed in Allegheny Cemetery

No Bicycles!

The gorgeous Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh is 300 acres of parkland with over 15 miles of road; an area that is supposed to be “a meditative place to walk in safety and quiet.”

I don’t understand why bicycles aren’t allowed. Listen to any bicycle that goes by — maybe it has some creaky gears, but generally, most are quiet. Generally, bicycles are pretty quiet. They are also much safer than heavier, motorized transport.

Listen to a car go by, listen to a motorcycle. a van, a truck, an SUV. All of these things are allowed, and all of these things are LOUD.

When I was turning into the cemetery, a car came up behind me and honked heavily twice. I couldn’t help wondering: How does that promote safety and quiet? How does that foster a “meditative place”?


One thought on “No Bikes Allowed in Allegheny Cemetery

  1. Probably because more than a few cyclists have driven off the path and between the stones. I’m sure the wheels leave ruts in the ground when it’s soft. Not every cyclist follows the rules and sticks to the road.

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