Kickstarter: Community Funded Creativity and Transformation

Kickstarter: Community Funded Creativity and Transformation

Have you heard of Kickstarter yet?

My old roommate who founded the Green Guild Biodiesel Co-op told me about it and now I am addicted.

It is my favorite new website and is a way “to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.”

The site is founded on the premise that

• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

One of the best aspects of Kickstarter is that it is all or nothing funding, meaning if you don’t reach your target financial goal in 90 days, none of your supporters are charged, and you are not expected to complete a project with less money than you projected.

These are the innovative and exciting projects that I am currently supporting:

The Letterpress House aims to purchase an abandoned home in Pittsburgh and  convert it into a letterpress workshop with classes.

This project has 52 Backers with $3,143 pledged of the $4,000 goal, and 74 days before the deadline.

Burgh Bees is planning to open a Community Apiary in Pittsburgh by turning a vacant lot into an apiary and demonstration pollinator garden that will serve as a hands-on classroom for beekeepers in training.

The Apiary has 13 Backers with $1,653 pledged of $3,500 goal, and 60 days to go.

See You Tomorrow, Hopefully is a performance tours starting in (yep) Pittsburgh, PA to Colorado Springs, CO exploring gestures in response to the street and its momentary inhabitants, from city to city across the Midwestern United States, a stretch of land that presently recalls a deep depression.

This project currently has 14 Backers with $355 pledged of their $2,000 goal and 87 days left to raise the remaining funds.

Take Some Action Today

Go forth, friends, and give away your money. It is so easy to contribute — you can fund a project with even $5. You can change someone’s world for $5.

Pass it on.


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