URGENT: Budget Action Needed NOW!

URGENT: Budget Action Needed NOW!

If you’re a DC resident, please take a few minutes to call your Councilmember before they approve a budget that slashes funding for already meager social service programs! The following is from the Save Our Safety Net Campaign in DC.

The Solution

The city needs more revenue to be able to invest in an economic recovery that includes everyone. Let’s ask City Council to ensure that a fair share is paid by those who suffer least during the recession.

The top tax bracket in DC currently starts at $40,001. (That means everyone making more than that pays the same tax rate.) The city could raise approximately $50 million in revenue by creating additional tax brackets: 9% for DC residents earning more than $200,000 (a .5% increase), and 9.4% for those earning more than $1,000,000 (a .9% increase). Together, these increases would affect less than 5% of our population — but they would enable the city to protect safety net programs that keep our communities safe and strong.


Excerpt from an email from Save Our Safety Net:

Dear friends –

City Council is deliberating on the budget now, and things are not looking good. This is an urgent S.O.S. to all of our supporters: today is the day!
There are still tens of millions of dollars of cuts on the table for programs like disability assistance, homeless shelters, job training and more. We need you to tell City Council to change course.

The best thing is for you to call their office right now. If you can make two calls, reach out to Michael Brown and your Ward Councilmember — tell them to stand up and stay strong in support of progressive tax increases to save our safety net! (Use this tool to figure out which ward you’re in.)
Click below for phone numbers and additional information.

At Large: Michael Brown (202) 724-8105

  • Ward 1: Graham (202) 724-8181
  • Ward 5: Thomas (202) 724-8028
  • Ward 6: Wells (202) 724-8072
  • Ward 7: Alexander (202) 724-8068
  • Ward 8: Barry (202) 724-8045
Call to tell them that now is the time to stay strong. Our city can’t afford any more cuts to the safety net. Encourage them to stand together and save our safety net!

This is it, friends. Thank you for taking a stand.
Joni, on behalf of the SOS-DC team

p.s. We think Councilmembers Mary Cheh – (202) 724-8062 – and Phil Mendelson – (202) 724-8064 – could stand with us. Call their offices now to try to sway them.


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