We Need Working Water Fountains on Every Corner

We Need Working Water Fountains on Every Corner

As I said yesterday, Pittsburgh is constantly called “Most Livable City”, but we should strive to be “Most Marvelous City”. And this isn’t just for Pittsburgh, any city that wants to be not just great but marvelous will need to make some radical changes. In addition to glammy public toilets

We Need Working Water Fountains on Every Corner.

If you want to enjoy a public space, or public art, there is a good chance that you will be thirsty. Bring back drinking fountains! Put them everywhere!

General Electric Drinking Fountain, 1960’s (flickr user Roadside Pictures).

We need free water in public space. It will make public space more enjoyable while eliminating the demand for plastic water bottles. Bottled water costs about $10 per gallon compared to TWO CENTS per gallon for tap water.

Tap water is cheap, plentiful, regulated.

Check the “Take Back the Tap” resources available from Food and Water Watch for more information and what you can do.


4 thoughts on “We Need Working Water Fountains on Every Corner

  1. Thanks for this post! There has been a definite shift away from public “services,” that shows up in small and easily-overlooked ways like this one. For me, it’s walking around and not finding payphones as plentiful. Why the obsessive privileging of “private” cell phones?

    Here’s a public fountain that I found at Kaufmann’s/Macy’s:
    Water fountain, Kaufmann's

    1. Agreed, public services for all sorts of things disappear right when private “solutions” come around at greater expense, use of resources, and inconvenience.

      Water fountains disappear = Buy wasteful and expensive water bottles.

      Streetcars are aggressively targeted, public transit services reduced or eliminated = Just buy a car, everyone else did.

      Payphones are phased out = Just buy a cell phone.

      It’s gradually happening to our libraries, too.

      What’s next?

  2. In addition to fountains, there should be public water spouts – places to refill reusable water bottles. This would encourage people to give up their bottled water habit.

    1. Great idea, maybe this could be incorporated into the water fountains to reduce street clutter. But access to water for everyone is essential.

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