Manhattan Will Ban Private Cars By 2020

Manhattan Will Ban Private Cars By 2020

That’s my prediction.

Or will it be San Francisco? Or Washington, DC?

Someone’s got to do it, who will be first? Will it be a South American City?

Maybe Medellín or Bogotá?

Or maybe a European city: Copenhagen or Amsterdam?

Or perhaps Asia will take advantage of its density and invest primarily in public transportation. What about Beijing?

I wonder if the United States will become an innovator again or if we’ll continue unimaginatively trailing the world and throwing all our weight, money, resources and land at obsolete technology.


2 thoughts on “Manhattan Will Ban Private Cars By 2020

  1. Someone’s got to do it! It would be so inspiring to see one city take the initiative and show us how it’s done. As for Manhattan, this was an interesting op-ed I stumbled across (from 2007) called The City That Never Walks:
    It’s about the trend of the city turning into the suburbs: As white flight reverses, and it becomes hip (or safe, or whatever) for families to move back to Manhattan, the car trend is following. This article is saying that in Manhattan “more city residents than suburbanites drive to work every day” !!

  2. Oh man, how I would love this but show me a city that bans cars and I will show you a city wherein the affluent and the poor riot as one.

    I’d expect to see something like the London Congestion Charge here in the States before an outright ban. While I was visiting the city, a tour guide mentioned that the abundance of Smart cars and three-wheeled moped thingers was largely a result of this charge.

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