Dearest Station Manager: Fire Mike Pintek

Dearest Station Manager: Fire Mike Pintek


Mike Pintek is a DJ with KDKA in Pittsburgh who used his radio program last week to incite violence against cyclists. You can read what I wrote about it here as and so far at least two other bloggers are covering this story. Read about it on PGH is a City and What Would Vannevar Blog?

The following is a sample letter you can use if you elect to write a letter of complaint to the Station Manager and Mike Pintek’s boss, Marshall Adams (madams[at], or to the show’s advertisers. My roommate sent this basic letter last Friday. Thanks for sharing, dreamboat.

Dear Mr. Adams-

I just had the great displeasure of hearing Mike Pintek’s radio segment on bicycles in Pittsburgh.  In this program, Mr. Pintek said that he believed that, even though he wasn’t there, it was his opinion that the Pittsburgh residents were recently brutally attacked had been somehow asking for it. At least two of them suffered broken bones and required stays in the intensive care unit.

Mr. Pintek may not have been present during these heinous attacks, but he could have had the decency to read the reports that his own employer put out.  In the last two weeks, two men were  brutally attacked on their way home from work.  They were ambushed by groups of teenagers.  Both of them suffered broken collar bones. One had lacerations to the liver and bruised lungs.  The other one had a broken hand and at least one other broken bone.

They were not “asking for it”.  They were merely trying to complete their daily commute.

Mr. Pintek can “scratch his head” all he wants, but these were violent, dangerous, and awful attacks against innocent citizens and it is absolutely appalling that he make a public statement in which he implied that it was their own fault.

He further went on to state that cyclists “are arrogant dorks” that are “lucky to be alive” and that he has the desire to “bump them” with his vehicle.   I cannot believe that KDKA would allow a man to advocate violence against cyclists.  “Bumping” a cyclist would certainly result in severe physical harm and would likely cause broken bones and possibly death.

I demand that Mike Pintek offer an apology to the recent victims of violent crimes who he so callously and thoughtlessly blamed for the vicious attacks acted out upon them.  This man should be reprimanded and possibly fired.

It is appalling that KDKA would allow their employees to advocate violence against any member of the Pittsburgh community and it is utterly senseless that he would be allowed to say that victims of violent crimes got what was coming to them.

I am deeply disappointed with KDKA.


Lady or Gent


4 thoughts on “Dearest Station Manager: Fire Mike Pintek

  1. Bicycle blogs are full of stories like this. The anti-bike venom is an expression of the suppressed stress of society in general, and of car driving in particular. Every time you take a trip in a private auto you are in danger of injury or death, frustration, or at least annoyance and unwanted adrenaline rush. The cost of this pain should be added to the list of externalities of autosprawl and taken from the profits of automakers, mcmansion builders, and fossil-fuel companies.

  2. I don’t know much about the incidents, but the one in North Point Breeze likely has it’s roots more in the isolation and boredom of life in many of Pittsburgh’s lower density poorer areas as well as building class and racial issues.

    It’s not a compliment, but Pittsburgh is in many ways a very European City now. In France for example, the areas people see are oh so open and liberal, while the a vast displaced underclass broods in isolated housing projects and suburbs with little street life or economic opportunity.

    These kids might very well have loved to have stopped a car to mug the driver (and there have been some incidents like that lately in the Mon Valley)but they settled for this cyclist who they saw as a vulnerable outsider and symbol of the new Pittsburgh that cares so little about them.

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