Mike Pintek Should Lose His Driver’s License and His Job

Mike Pintek Should Lose His Driver’s License and His Job

Yesterday Mike Pintek of the Pittsburgh station KDKA used his radio program to incite violence against people riding bikes and asserted that recent victims of anti-bike violence are themselves to blame. The station has recently removed the program from the website but you can listen to it here.

Mike Pintek should lose his driver’s license and KDKA should fire him.

Driver’s licences are a privilege, not a right and if a person announces their desire to use their vehicle as a weapon, they should lose their license. If they use their job to incite others to commit violence, they should lose that job.

This is an excerpt from his rant  (starts at 14:01):

I’ve gotta tell you they’ve been times when I’ve come around a curve on a country road and you’ve got three of em abreast in MY lane and they’re just lucky they’re alive. Because, am I WRONG?

There are some bicyclists who are just these arrogant little dorks that think they can do anything they want because they’re on a bicycle and ‘we’re being green and environmentally friendly”…

I have been thoroughly tempted — I haven’t done it cuz I’m not going to do it — I’m not that kind of person…  but I have been so tempted to just bump em.

I have been so tempted to pull up behind them when they’re doing this — you know spread out across the road — put my car in neutral, jam the accelorator down, race the engine, and scare the living crap out of them.

They’ve got to stop being so arrogant about what they’re doing. They’ve got to obey the rules. they have to do the right thing or else they’re going to get killed.

Hi! I am one of the Arrogant Little Dorks Mike Pintek wants to bump off the road

I agree with him on the point that many cyclists break laws, but cyclists are not the only law-breakers on the road. In fact, I have personally witnessed several drivers break laws. I have been hit my one of them, a woman who was carrying a fake insurance card. But it also frustrates me when I see people on bikes blow through lights because I know that that is the one cyclist that drivers will notice —  instead of me waiting my turn. But violence is not the solution. It’s an absurd, child-ish, and reprehensible reaction to another human being.

There have been several attacks on bicyclists in Pittsburgh in the past few weeks and Mike Pintek claimed that the victims were “asking for it”. I like what from PGH is a City has to say about this:

“Let’s certainly not excuse the attacks because some bicyclists may be “arrogant.” To me, this logic is akin to suggesting that women who wear short skirts are asking for rape. Or that men walking down the street deserve to be beat up if they flick their wrists. There is no excuse for this violence.”

We will not tolerate this. Marshall Adams is the program director of KDKA and you can email him at madams[at]kdka.com. Please do. This is not just a problem for Pittsburgh. This is a problem for everyone who walks, bikes, or drives. We need to share the road and we need to do it peacefully so we can all get where we are going safely.


15 thoughts on “Mike Pintek Should Lose His Driver’s License and His Job

  1. after calling marshall adams, KDKA’s program director, to file a complaint about these statements, i was informed that mike pintek will be addressing this issue on his program on monday at noon.

    1. This exact comment was on the blog pgh is a city by a different person. Seems suspiciously like an official response: listen to our show, boost our ratings, come on the show, get shouted down.

      1. no, no, my name is adam. i’m a pittsburgh resident, a biker, and not affiliated with KDKA at all. i used my livejournal openID account to log in to be able to post a comment on PGH is a city.

        what pintek informed me, to listen to the program on monday at noon, is exactly what i was told when i called KDKA this morning.

  2. This is what I have been dealing with the last six weeks.

    Devoted Hampton bicyclist raised funds for charity

    Donald Parker Jr.

    Sunday, May 30, 2010

    Don Parker was an avid bicyclist who participated in numerous fundraising rides for local charities and was well-regarded in biking circles.

    Donald Parker Jr. of Hampton, a computer analyst with Aptech Computers Inc., died on Thursday, May 27, 2010, in UPMC Presbyterian hospital, Oakland, after an accident while cycling to work. He was 52.

    “Don participated in numerous fundraising events, such as the MS 150 Ride, which benefited the work of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Western Pennsylvania Chapter,” said his friend, Scott Martin of McCandless.

    Mr. Parker was an elder with the Allegheny Center Alliance Church in the North Side, where he and Martin were members. He was a leader with the church’s Boys Brigade.

    “The Brigade, which meets twice a week, gives boys from all walks of life the opportunity to hang out with friends and to learn what the Lord has to say about life,” Martin said.

    Church Pastor Ken Turnbull said, “Mr. Parker brought “kindness and humility to every situation. He will be missed by the congregation.”

    Stephanie Parker, a teacher at St. Agnes School in Oakland, said her father met her mother while attending the Alliance church.

    “As busy as Dad was with his work and duties at church, he made time to be with his family. He often took my brother Mark, my sister Rachel and me hiking and water rafting,” she said. “Dad had a great sense of humor and a light-hearted laugh and enjoyed bringing people together in outings and picnics.”

    Born in Lancaster, Ohio, and raised in Mt. Lebanon, Donald Parker was the son of Aleen Schademan Croyle and Donald J. Parker Sr.

    After graduating from Mt. Lebanon High, Donald Parker enrolled at Penn State University, where he received a degree in agronomy.

    In addition to his daughter, Stephanie, Mr. Parker is survived by his wife, Janice L. Parker; whom he married in 1981; children, Mark and Rachel Parker of Hampton; mother and stepfather, Aleen and Jack Croyle of Mt. Lebanon; his father, Donald J. Parker, Sr.; sisters, Pat Smith of Eighty Four and Sue Macurak of Bethel Park; stepsister, Kim Lisotto and brother, Rick Croyle of Library.

    Mr. Parker is survived by his grandmother, Dorothy Schademan of Brentwood. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Alfred Schademan.

    A memorial service will be conducted from 3 to 5 p.m. today in Allegheny Center Alliance Church, 250 East Ohio St., North Side, with Pastor Rockwell Dillaman officiating.

    Interment will be private in Hampton Cemetery, Hampton. Arrangements by Herbert R. King Jr. Funeral Home, Hampton

    Don is my son.

    1. It has been a year this past Friday since I lost my son and our family has lost a father and brother. We still grieve each and every day for this loss. Why because of a flip flop and a driver who instead of pulling to the side of the road to correct this problem reach down to adjust his flip flop killing Don because he swerved into Don who was on the side of the road wearing the proper clothing with lights on his bike. The driver has gone on with his life while we still hurt with our loss.

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