Felony Attempted Murder for Drivers Who Target People Riding Bicycles

Felony Attempted Murder for Drivers Who Target People Riding Bicycles

Update: Scott Bricker of Bike Pittsburgh will be facing off with Mike Pintek Friday at 1:05 pm.

Dear Mr. Pintek,

Before you consider “bumping” or running down a human being with your vehicle, you should pay attention to a case unfolding in San Francisco.

Unless you want to end up behind bars like David Mark Clark, facing 11 felonies, you ought to seriously consider how you use your own transportation mobile (“car”).

David Mark Clark used his vehicle as a weapon against four people riding bicycles, just as you professed a desire to do, and now he is facing:

  • Four counts of attempted murder
  • Four counts of assault with a deadly weapon
  • Three counts of battery causing serious bodily injury

(CBS News)

Use your car responsibly, or retire it now.

Mr. Pintek, why don’t you try using a bicycle for transportation for one month?




A concerned lady in Pittsburgh just trying to get home without being killed.


9 thoughts on “Felony Attempted Murder for Drivers Who Target People Riding Bicycles

    1. Thanks Stu! Scott Bricker will be talking to him on Friday. Maybe we could all call in and get him to commit.

  1. Hi,
    I really love your entries on bicycles. Being a Dutch national living in Pittsburgh I have been riding bicycles since I was 4 (or 5). Over the last 5 years that I have lived in Pittsburgh I have noticed more and more people riding.

    However, many bicyclists ignore the most basic traffic rules. It is about time that the Pittsburgh policy departments starts to educate bikers not just about their rights but also about their responsibilities:
    1. Don’t run stop signs
    2. Don’t run red lights
    3. Don’t switch between sidewalks and streets whenever either one is more convenient (it confuses the hell out of drivers)
    4. Indicate your intent to turn
    5. etc…

    This should help make cars more understanding of bicycles. Bike-stores should (could) carry little pamphlets to explain basic rules to everybody buying bikes…

    1. I have to admit to being really too scared to bike here. I sort of never learned to ride well and the hills and driver behavior that I can see as a pedestrian make me think it’s just not worth the risk. (and yes, I do see crazy cyclists)Although my friend Kate, only learned to ride late and gets by almost totally on her bike now.

      In fact, I think it generally takes years of traffic calming, good design, bike lanes and awareness programs to get really broad amounts of the population on bikes in most places.

      The really sad stuff is that the flat easy (Dutch) parts of town like the downtown, Strip, North Shore and East Liberty are victims of so many stadiums and car oriented design problems.

      Wanna do a guest post on my blog about this? Cross posting is also pretty fine.

      My blog was supposed to be mostly about art, but some of this stuff is just too important to ignore.

    2. Hi Paul,

      Thanks! I’m new to Pittsburgh but I constantly hear how many more bikes there are around the city now compared to five years ago, and that it’s much better generally for riding. I agree that being predictable is really important. I’ve been really conscious of it in the past few months and have been waiting at lights and stop signs much more than I ever did before. It is difficult on a bike to start and stop all the time, but I’m trying to be obvious about doing it all the time. I’ve been making eye contact with drivers and signaling my intent to turn. It’s been helpful, certainly and I’ve had pleasant interactions with drivers this way.

      This morning on a ten minute ride to work I was cut off by a MASSIVE construction vehicle that turned left right into my path (I was going straight). The window was open so I said to the passenger “You wouldn’t have done that to a car — why is it okay to cut me off?” He said they didn’t see me. But I was riding in the middle of the lane, on a clear morning, wearing a bright gold shirt and red polka dot scarf, practically day-glo and they STILL couldn’t see me? Completely absurd.

      I’m not going to speak for every person on a bicycle — more of them certainly do need to obey laws. But drivers need to pay attention and obey laws too. And need to be much more cognizant because of the tremendous size and power of their vehicles.

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