Girl and Bicycle Leave Pittsburgh for Detroit

Girl and Bicycle Leave Pittsburgh for Detroit

Hi Friends,

I’m not riding my bicycle to Detroit but I am taking it with me to go to the U.S. Social Forum which starts today! So much to see and learn.

I’ve never been to Detroit and I’m curious to see how this city works. I want to know how people get by and how see the improvisations made when services are cut.

How does the 11th largest city in America exist without a grocery store?

I won’t have too much time for writing while I’m there but I’ll try to get some work in.

I’m heading up there  today with a pack of other Pittsburghers and Pittsburghettes in a van powered by veggie oil.

Wish me luck — my last trip in a veggie oil vehicle was in a school bus that broke down permanently on the side of the New Jersey turnpike!

Your present and future friend,



2 thoughts on “Girl and Bicycle Leave Pittsburgh for Detroit

  1. I’ve never been to Detroit and it clearly is short of basic stores and any density of useful stores average people can get to easily. However, there are some groceries–just not nationaly known chain stores or conventional supermarkets.

    Here’s a profile of one on Rust Wire.

    Looks like a sizable store with a good selection, that’s doing pretty well. Actually it looks pretty awesome but without further info, I’ll hold back the compliment. Web stories can sometimes be decieving.

    1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, John. I only saw one small store when I was there. I’m certainly impressed with the number of community gardens that they have in the city. There will be even more available space now that the city announced they were closing 77 parks, although it looks like the space will simply go to waste.

      The Detroit Free Press asks “So how does a city go about closing a park anyway?”

      The answer: No entry, no trash bins, no cut grass at Detroit parks

      “The parking lots will be barricaded; trash bins will be removed; the grass will not be cut; any equipment or playscapes will not be maintained; and no programming will be permitted, said Dan Lijana, a spokesman for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

      That’s what will happen to the 77 parks scheduled to close, according to city officials. The parks are scattered throughout the city and include Palmer Park, though the golf course would remain open; Rouge Park, and Historic Ft. Wayne.”

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