Conflict Kitchen: Hungry Vegetarian Request

Conflict Kitchen: Hungry Vegetarian Request

I just heard NPR’s story on the Conflict Kitchen.

It’s worth listening to, maybe when you’re done reading this blog! I’m excited that project / business is in Pittsburgh and can’t wait to go to some of their events.

This is what the people of the Conflict Kitchen have to say about themselves:

“Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with. The food is served out of a take-out style storefront, which will rotate identities every 4 months to highlight another country.  Each Conflict Kitchen iteration will be augmented by events, performances, and discussion about the the culture, politics, and issues at stake with each county we focus on.”

The first incarnation of Conflict Kitchen is called “Kubideh Kitchen” which focuses on Iranian / Persian culture and conflict. They offer just one sandwich, the Kubideh beef sandwich.

Kubideh Kitchen

I stopped to marvel at the facade several times before it opened and I really like the action-packed and informative wrappers, but I wish they would wrap something I could eat.

I understand the point and the limitations of the experiment and applaud it, but it would be a lot nicer if there was something I could eat there.

I’m a vegetarian and haven’t eaten meat since 2004. Even if many Iranian / Persian dishes are not traditionally vegetarian, it would be very delightful if a hungry vegetarian lady or gent in Pittsburgh could get a sandwich too, but without the beef.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that most people eat meat and I used to eat it like crazy myself. Until a few years ago, I ate kabobs nearly every week, and had quite a ravenous appetite for beef and lamb in my youth. (That sentence is really gross but true.) But I don’t eat meat anymore, for reasons I might get into some other time, and I’d like to make a request!

Conflict Kitchen, This Is My Hungry Vegetarian Request:

Conflict Kitchen, would you please consider making one sandwich for vegetarians? It would be simple, please a lot of people, and be easy to afford without much variation from your other offering.

I came up with a simple one that is strikingly similar to the Kubideh! (but anyone in the world can make this!)

The No Conflict Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe

Same tasty looking barbari bread

Same super- thin onions

Same fresh basil & fresh mint.

But skip the beef.

And instead add several slices of tomato and cucumber. (These might enhance the Kubideh and you could charge more money for the premium version which would also include….)

A nice refreshing yogurt and cucumber dip! (Mast-o-Khiar). That looks so good I want to dive in with my face.

This summery looking dip was taken by My Persian Kitchen

(You could go crazy some days and grill some eggplant! Yum.)

And maybe some students of International Relations from Pitt or Carnegie Mellon or Chatham, etc would like intern at the at the Kitchen. They could make food and engage people in dialogue, and the Kitchen could stay open at different hours and be accessible for even more people.

Pittsburgh is delicious and provocative!


4 thoughts on “Conflict Kitchen: Hungry Vegetarian Request

  1. Hey, Lolly. Apparently they do make vegetarian sandwiches. You just have to ask for one, and then they use an egg instead of beef. I guess they’re pretty accommodating since they make it to order.

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