Love the Bag, Love the Shoes, Love Everything.

“Love the Bag, Love the Shoes, Love Everything. Love to!”

That’s one of the dozens of film (can I say “film” if I mean mainstream movies, too?) quotes that has become entrenched in the banter of my family. My sisters and I shout out “Name That Movie!”, constantly trying to stump one another. Now it’s been reduced to “NTM!” En Tea Em. Kind of sounds like Auntie Em from the Wizard of Oz.  We still play it all the time. NTM, if you can. No internetting to find out.

To the heart of the matter: this stylish lady.

Love the Bag, Love the Shoes, Love the Bike. Love Everything.

And actually she doesn’t have a bag, and I don’t love her shoes.

But I do love (almost) Everything else.

Lovely Bicycle, Lovely Lady. Red. MMMM.

Nice rack, lady.

I envy and covet this lady’s lighting system, tights, fat tires, lovely fenders, relaxed posture, hauling capacity, color coordination.

Her legs look to be part of her bicycle and her arms and torso part of her person.

Creepy, beautiful.

The kickstand is useful in real life, dreadful in the picture.

I stumbled onto this picture at the wootoncool blog — which my eyes have been automatically reading as “cotton wool” until I typed it out.


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  1. Man, your sisters sound AWESOME! I sadly can’t NTM!!

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