Today is My Birthday! Thanks Everyone, for Everything

9 Jul

Thank you to everyone who has been in my life.

Thanks, too, for the lovely wishes.

And to everyone who has been reading and commenting.

I’m 31 now!

My life keeps getting more fun and more wonderful and more exciting every day.

I’m incredibly lucky

… To have a fun, thoughtful, supportive, smart, excitable family that is prone to dancing.

And a gaggle of friends who constantly inspire me and make me laugh loud enough to wake zombies.

And a gentleman caller who is smart, creative, easy on the eyes, quick to smile, looks great in glasses, knows how to make a million things, teaches me how to use power tools, likes to experiment with food, is a great dancer, and likes my quirks.

And a new job advocating for bicycles that excites my brain and makes me giddy to go to work. Also thrilled to have some sharp, creative, and charming co-workers.

And to be surrounded by all sorts of people that I can’t wait to meet.

Thank you!

Hi! from the fall on this sweltering day!

PS: Birthday wish: I want David Byrne to come to Pittsburgh and do a bike event with me, so if you know him, point him in my direction. Thanks World!

I love you!


One Response to “Today is My Birthday! Thanks Everyone, for Everything”

  1. John Morris July 10, 2010 at 13:09 #

    Did you catch the post David did about a visit here several years ago? Looks like on his Birthday.

    Well girl, you know how to lure him since cycling is on of the main things he loves.

    As an artist in NYC, I knew several people who sort of know him or at least would meet him once in a while. He really is an amazing artist.

    People liked me cause I could be hanging out with someone famous and be too out of touch to know who they were. (actually, I’ve heard that Pittsburgh is agreat place for that)

    By the way, David talks about his visit to the Maxo Vanka Murals in Milvale Have you seen them?

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