You Can Do Anything With A Bicycle: Moving by Bike

You Can Do Anything With A Bicycle: Moving by Bike

You can really do anything with bicycle!

Next week my old roommate is moving from DC to Arizona. On his bicycle.

Photo of a "Move by Bike" by Flickr user theoelliot

He’s starting next week in a crowd of six dudes that are riding with him for various lengths of the trip. First they’ll be riding to visit me (!) in Pittsburgh and they’ll be able to ride nearly the entire trip on a car-free trail. Exciting progress has been made this week on the trail from Pittsburgh to DC:

When all is complete, it will be possible to bike about 335 continuous, mostly flat miles from Pittsburgh to the nation’s capital without interference from motorized traffic.

Hooray! Hard not to love that!

After Pittsburgh the traveling fellows will ride to Cleveland where the first rider will drop off and the group will travel north and west towards Madison and Minneapolis, then eventually in the direction of Arizona.

If you’re getting ready to move, maybe moving by bike is right for you.

Another moving shot by theoelliot

Portland has an active “Move by Bike” community and people regularly move around town with the help of a few trailers, friends, and post-move beer.

Flickr user Mark Stosberg moves his new couch (and friend) by bicycle

Moving across country on bicycle is not for everyone, or even very many, but a move within your city is entirely possible with a little help from your friends, trailers, and imagination. The promise of a challenge and a post-move beer is often motivating enough for many people.

I haven’t moved by bike yet, but I’m excited to. Let me know if you’re going to try it soon, I’d love to help.

Especially if there will be a post-move beer.


2 thoughts on “You Can Do Anything With A Bicycle: Moving by Bike

  1. I had a gallery in Lawrenceville (I don’t want to talk about it, I was really bad at it.)

    When it closed I managed to get most of the stuff out and down the block to the studio i was renting with jusy a roller Dolly thing.

    But someone with a van did help moving the big Flat Files.

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