Riding Bikes with Friends: Bikefest 2010

Riding Bikes with Friends: Bikefest 2010

Like bicycles?

In just a couple of weeks Pittsburgh will be hosting BikeFest, the 10 day festival celebrating all things bicycle.

The best part about Bikefest is that it’s completely democratic and anyone can take charge and plan any kind of ride that interests them. It’s a great way to meet new people and show people your favorite parts of Pittsburgh.

Have a good idea for a ride? Submit your bike ride to the calendar. Provide as many tantalizing details as possible by July 23 in time to get in the print calendar!

Bridesmaid Dress Ride or Flashdance Ride?

I have several rides that I’m tossing around in my head. The Bridesmaid Ride I originally planned with my roommate from DC but we never got around to it. Ladies always complain about bridesmaid dresses because they are almost always expensive but single-use only dresses that languish in the closet after a wedding.

Introducing the Bridesmaid Dress Ride!

If we all put on our ridiculous dresses together and ride our bicycles around the city in a fancy fashion we will:

01. Have fun

02. Meet new people

03. Wear that dress one more time.

04. Reduce the financial waste of the dress. If you buy a $200 dress and wear it once that is $200 per wear. If you wear it to the bridesmaid ride and you’ve cut in half the money you wasted, now it’s $100 per wear. If the Bridesmaid ride is popular,  you can wear it again and again and even trade with friends for better outfits.

05. Prove that it is possible to ride fancy clothes on a bike.

06. Look fabulous.

Flashdance Ride

Flashdance is a story about an 18 year old Pittsburghette named Alex who is a welder in a steel mill, an exotic dancer, and a transportation bicyclist.  The idea for this ride is to tour several of the sites of the movie, hop off our bikes and do a 30 second – 1 minute “flash” dance of some variety (open to each person’s interpretation) to some of the classic jams from this seminal film and then continue riding to the next spot. The ride should end at a location where we can have a tasty picnic and watch Flashdance outside with a projector.

Q: What are some of the classic jams from Flashdance?

A: Maniac and Flashdance: What a Feeling

(I am not kidding, this song just came on at Busboys and Poets where I’m having lunch. It is SO much more exciting than I remember. It makes me want to wear a leotard)

These songs inspired some of the raddest dance moves of the 80s.

What do you think? Which ride would you prefer to go on if you could only go on one?


2 thoughts on “Riding Bikes with Friends: Bikefest 2010

  1. i think bridesmaids dress ride! we could get fabulous photographs of that, and we could end it some place psuedo fancy for refreshments! Also, I was going to donate my dress to one of the orgs that offers prom dresses to girls at a reduced rate. Im not saying my dress is promworthy, but maybe some girl would like it.

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