Have a Drink of Summer!

Have a Drink of Summer!

This drink is all the rage in my house and in my mouth this year so I thought I would share it with you.

Every sip is like you’re drinking summer.

Here, Have a Sip!

More precisely, each sip is like a nice shady, mid-afternoon day when you don’t have anywhere to be or anything to do for anybody else.

Yep, this beverage is like all of that simple beauty topped off with an unexpected and much needed breeze.

Every sip is like that! Try it soon, it’s great for picnics, breakfast beverages, post-alcohol times. Just about anything.

I’ll just call this drink Summer!

Recipe for Summer


  1. Sparking water of some variety
  2. Mango juice
  3. A fancy glass
  4. Ice if you like it


  1. Pour 5 parts mango juice into your fancy glass
  2. Pour 3 parts sparking water into your fancy glass
  3. (Reverse the mixture if you like more sparkle, less mang)
  4. Enjoy
  5. Repeat, make for your friends.
  6. Tell me if you like it

PS: Wondering how this fits into reimagining an urban paradise?

This drink is paradise, I drink it in cities, and I never made it before this year.

Now that I have, I’m happier for it. More summer, less beer and coffee.


2 thoughts on “Have a Drink of Summer!

  1. Reblogged this on Reimagine Your Urban Paradise and commented:

    And now for something else completely delicious… This is a drink recipe I published several years ago, “A Taste of Summer.”

    I’m taking a break from alcohol right now and enthusiastic about creating new or rediscovering old yummy beverages that still feel celebratory and fun to drink. Like yesterday’s Blackberry Fizz, it’s easy to put some alcohol in this if you prefer.

    Swap out the sparkling water for sparkling water or champagne and you have yourself a tropical mimosa. I enjoy both but at the end of the night, I always feel more refreshed when I’ve been toasting with sparkling water (obviously).

    Enjoy life, save your liver, and save your dollars for other adventures. Or the future, if that appeals to you.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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