Are You Ready to Move Beyond Petroleum?

Are You Ready to Move Beyond Petroleum?

Thanks to Greenpeace for this creative action.

From the Guardian:

The protests, coinciding with the replacement of BP chief Tony Hayward by Bob Dudley, was meant to encouraged the public to help speed-up the end of the oil age.

Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said: “The moment has come for BP to move beyond oil. Under Tony Hayward the company went backwards, squeezing the last drops of oil from places like the Gulf of Mexico, the tar sands of Canada and even the fragile Arctic wilderness … They’re desperate for us to believe they’re going ‘beyond petroleum’. Well now’s the time to prove it.”

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Move Beyond Petroleum?

  1. Get this: you had an ad just below the title when I read it on my iPhone. I had to double check by zipping on over here with my computer. Care to know what said ad promoted?

    “Learn Refinary Operations
    Refining 101, Non-technical class energy
    Management Institute”

    I’ll send you the snapshots.

  2. Greenpeace is doing a great job calling attention to the problems we face. But the focus on the supply-side is a disturbing trend in activist groups. Telling fossil-fuel companies to “stop” will fall on deaf ears as long as demand for energy keeps rising. We have to change the way we live and travel. We have to change dramatically. We have little time.

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