New Poll: What would it take to leave your car at home and ride transit?

New Poll: What would it take to leave your car at home and ride transit?


4 thoughts on “New Poll: What would it take to leave your car at home and ride transit?

  1. Well, first off, we both work from home so that there in and of itself saves on any kind of transportation. And we only have one car, although at times it really stinks because we do get in binds without another vehicle.

    We live “in town” of a small town, so we’re able to make do with walking, biking, etc. Unless of course it’s raining. Or snowing. Or some other kind of horrible no good kind of weather.

    One thing about transit that I don’t like is how germs are passed around. And where we live with the extremes in temperature (freezing outside, nice and warm inside), people get sick quite a bit.

    1. Ginny, I come from a country which used to have good public transportation and I took advantage of it for almost 30 years. We are a pretty healthy nation, city people included. Your immunity system gets better when you spend more time among people.

      You are right, temperatures are a problem in the buses, also in the summer-hot outside, freezing inside. When I was younger, in my country it used to be hot outside-hot inside, or freezing outside, freezing inside. I kind of think that a little struggle is needed from each of us as we are trying to make our wold more sustainable. But, of course, this shouldn’t affect our health. As a good citizen, I am trying from time to time to tell the bus drivers that the temperature difference is too high. They have to put the air conditioning on 65 in the summer, but they always try to put it lower.

      Another problem that some people see with the biking is sweating on the way to work. Sometimes this is an inconvenience. And one that, thank god, doesn’t exist in Pittsburgh but it is common in other countries, are the stray dogs that follow your bike 🙂
      I don’t own a car. I walk to work. I always moved as close to work or to a bus or subway station as I could. I have to walk 40 minutes to and 40 minutes from the supermarket though. But this walk is kind of nice and healthy, plus, you get to see things that you don’t see from a car and think your thoughts in peace. Who could bother you? There is nobody else on the streets:(

      1. Um. isn’t a mix of all of the above the correct answer?

        I doubt it’s one thing but a mix of how convienient, easy and affordable it is vs. the alternatives. (And that’s a big issue, transit has so many problems because we have worked to make the alternatives easy at the expense of our cities)

        Pedestrian issues in most cases are the primary thing above all else. The thing about transit is that it allows the kind of density levels and frees up land so that walking is easier.

  2. It takes me about 30-40min. by car and 40-45 min by bus to get to work. Or shall I specify:
    Ideally, it should take me 40-45 minutes by bus to get to work IF both buses run on schedule. And that IF is part of the problem.
    Convenience is another one, because I feel like running on a vicious circle –on one side I am told that the possibility of a viable public transit alternative was already destroyed because most American cities developed at the same time as the automobile. On the other side I am told that :if public transit would be more convenient…
    But even in these circumstances riding a bus has its advantages:
    I have a new sense of community-I made friends on my street because we run the bus together.
    I do not have to cringe when I look at the pictures of oil covered birds from the Gulf.
    Walking is the exercise that keeps me one step away from obesity.
    As for ‘bugs’ –I spend eight hours each weekday in a cubicle in a building where the air is “recycled” . I have kids in school. Need I say more?

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