BikeFest Party Tomorrow!

BikeFest Party Tomorrow!

Get your body in something beautiful and get down to the Pittsburgh Opera tomorrow night for the Kickoff Party for BikeFest. Not in Pittsburgh? Get here.

Officially, this is the biggest fundraiser for Bike Pittsburgh, the dashing and appropriately named bicycle advocacy organization for the city of Pittsburgh that is both my employer and favorite non-profit group.

Unofficially this is going to be one of the most fun parties of the summer filled with eye candy in the form of people, bicycles, and prizes.

There’s a silent auction which has tons of cool items, including this painting of a burly Triplets of Belleville-style fellow churning up Pittsburgh’s Canton Ave, one of the two steepest urban streets  in the world (37% grade, yeow! You’ll also want to check out that video of the Dirty Dozen ride).

I want it!

Credit to Lou Fineberg for this strangely angled shot

This will be a superb spot for people watching, so get out your party best, get on your bicycle and ride it down to the Opera like the 700 other people we’ll be bike valeting.

There’s a ton of other auction items too like bicycles (I think we’re raffling / auctioning five), custom bags and hats, swank vacations, etc. You can find it all here or you can just show up because you want to support the only organization in Pittsburgh that works to make the city safer to bicycle for transportation for everyone from 8 to 80. Bike Pittsburgh’s only been around for 8 years now, and only had staff for five years but already has nearly 1300 members.

Since it’s a Kickoff Party, it’s gotta be starting something, right?

BikeFest! It’s the 10 day long bicycle party of Pittsburgh with over 60 rides and events planned by bicyclists for bicyclists. Check it out. Time management is going to be key to make it to all the events. Check out the calendar now and I’ll be doing some updates here and on the Bike Pittsburgh blog, so stay very tuned. Not used to riding bikes? Dust off that two wheeler, pull it out of your garage, friends, or rent one because there are plenty of beginner rides that are ideal for getting accustomed to riding in the city. This is the time to ride.

I love bicycles!


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