Let’s Have Brunch On Our Bridges Part I

Let’s Have Brunch On Our Bridges Part I

Brunch On the brige

Originally uploaded by Aaron I. Rogosin

With 446 bridges in Pittsburgh, it’s about time one of them is converted for maximum enjoyment!

Imagine having brunch on the 16th St Bridge over the Allegheny. It would be gorgeous. There are so many ways for cars and trucks and buses to cross the rivers, let’s set one aside for people to use when they’re not moving, and just enjoying the beautiful setting of Pittsburgh!

Though not permanent (which would make me swoon forever), you still can have a feast on the Rachel Carson Bridge (9th St) celebrating Pittsburghette Rachel Carson’s legacy.

Rachel’s Sustainable Feast showcases “the region’s hottest chefs who support local sustainable farmers, more farmers’ markets, more eco-friendly vendors and groups who work to protect our land, water and air, and more ways to learn about sustainable living in one of this country’s fastest-growing green marketplaces – southwestern Pennsylvania! $10 per person. Children 5 and under get in free”.

Once you see in person how beautiful the setting is, maybe we can work together to make one of the bridges a place for people to enjoy.


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