Tax Cuts are Not the Solution: The Country That Pays Together Stays Together

While our crappy economy continues to crash, tax cuts are not the solution.

They’re not the solution for the middle class.

They’re not the answer for the moneyed class.

They’re not even close for the corporate class.

It’s time to pay up, everyone.

Taxes are how we buy services together.

How we buy roads, how we buy bridges.

Without taxes, trash will go uncollected in many places.

Without taxes, we would have no public schools, no police.

Parks, libraries, trails, road maintenance, unjust wars, we pay for these thing together.

If you want to restore America, restore taxes, but tax justly.

If we don’t pay for these things, we will continue to dive deeply into debt with other nations who finance our invasive incursions into other nations.

End tax cuts and tax incentives and tax subsidies for all corporations that bury their assets offshore.

It’s time to stop the downward spiral of politicians promising tax cuts in order to be elected. No one can pay for all of these services on their own, and if they can, they ought to be taxed more.

Now is the time for just and robust taxation.


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