Classing Up Your Bicycle: The U-lock Cozy

1 Oct

When I decided that I was going to get a chocolate brown Globe bicycle (photos forthcoming), I immediately contacted my lovely old roommate Guy and commissioned him to knit me a U-lock cozy to protect my beautiful bicycle from scratches.

U-lock by Guy, Photo by Elly Blue.

Hopefully he’ll get his etsy site going soon, through the fog of grad school applications, because people are asking me where to get them nearly every day. Also, if you know how to knit, this is an excellent and fast DIY project and makes a great gift for the special bicyclist(s) in your life.


One Response to “Classing Up Your Bicycle: The U-lock Cozy”

  1. Rosemary October 12, 2010 at 13:50 #

    ah! how did i not think of this! perfect! i’ll be knitting one tonight.

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