No Fracking Way! Pittsburgh Protests Exploitation of Marcellus Shale

No Fracking Way! Pittsburgh Protests Exploitation of Marcellus Shale

The town of Dimock, Pennsylvania is a sickening example of what happens when we allow corporate profits to take precedence over human need. Cabot Drilling of Houston is accused of poisoning the drinking water resulting in high levels of methane, iron and aluminum.

“In the last year Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has determined that Cabot was responsible for several spills of diesel fuel and drilling mud and for an 8,000-gallon leak of hydraulic fracturing fluids being prepared by a contractor, Halliburton, that seeped into a fresh water stream in September”.

(See ProPublica for more information on the town of Dimock)

But on Wednesday, November 3, people from around the country gathered in Pittsburgh on to speak out against the destruction of our water, our air, and our land for cheap natural gas and for the profit of a few at the expense of many.

This is a great post from the blog It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement.

The following is from the Pittsburgh Student Environmental Coalition, who helped organize the rally.

“Thank you Pittsburgh! Thanks to you the rally was a HUGE success. An incredibly passionate and diverse group came out today, young and old, urban and rural, coming from states as far as California and as close as Ohio. We all came together to protect our constitutional right to clean air, pure water, and a healthy environment and to protest the exploitation of our environment and ourselves by the gas companies.

Photograph by Gloria Forouzan

If you weren’t able to make it today then stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

There is much work still to be done and yesterday’s election certainly didn’t make things easier, but this an issue that affects everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, income, or political affiliation and we at PSEC strongly believe that it’s an issue worth fighting for. In the words of Margaret Meade, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

View more pictures at PSEC’s Picasa page.

From the Post-Gazette:

One of the speakers included drilling ban supporter and city councilman Doug Shields.

“This is about our health. This is about our children. This is about our air. This is about our clean water. This is about public safety. It’s time for us to give our voices to this,” he said.

Like clean drinking water?

More resources:

Next meeting 6:30pm, Friday, Nov. 12

Marcellus Shale Protest

The Onondaga Nation’s Educational Packet on Pennsylvania’s Hydro-fracking. by Lindsay Spear.

Common Dreams: ”Pennsylvania has a total of 46,055 square miles.   Approximately  75% of our state – 34,000 square miles –  sits on Marcellus Shale.  Within the next 10 years, the gas industry plans to cover this area with up to 100,000 Marcellus wells.  That’s 2 – 3 wells per every square mile in our state,”  said Debbie Borowiec, a resident of Westmoreland County, PA.  “We should be switching to clean, safe, renewable energy sources, not destroying our state for gas.”


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