New Year, New Plans, New Un-inventions, New Everything

New Year, New Plans, New Un-inventions, New Everything

Part I: The Greeting and Re-introduction!


It’s me, Lolly, your friendly neighborhood bicycle advocate!


Photo taken by the lovely Elly Blue


I’ve been away for quite a long time. I hope you’re well. I am doing quite well myself. Something about November and December makes it absolutely impossible for me to interest myself in writing on my blog. I avoided it in 2009 and mostly in 2010 as well.

I’m back now and there are a number of wonderful things I would like to share with you in the coming weeks and months.

Part II: Direction and Plans: Un-invent and Write Away!

Photo of wasted human effort and mind-wrecking sounds by Flickr user hectorir

There are also some things that are less wonderful I might touch on as well.

Such as the electric leaf-blower.

I hate hate hate these abominations (too strong? NO!) and if I could, I would un-invent the leaf-blower. There are some other things I would like to un-invent in order to enhance the human experience and I will occasionally focus with much vigor (and maybe even some vim) on these topics as they occur to me, when I am by a computer.

What else?

Tiny picture of the issue in which I wrote about Washington, DC back in my youth

This year, I’ll be starting a short column in the spectacular magazine Momentum which is a magazine by and for people who use bikes for almost anything but sport! If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s one of only two magazines that I wait by the mailbox to receive and then read cover to cover.

I’ll be writing with very very active and eloquent Elly Blue, photographer of above photo, author of the popular “How We Roll” column on Grist, general bicycle activist and entrepreneur, and my “advocacy pen pal.” I’m excited to see what comes of it!

Part III: Questions and Resolutions

How are you doing? Did you have a good new year? Any exciting plans or projects coming up?

I’ve made some rather strange and grueling resolutions which I’ve already told about 1.3 million people about but I’m loathe to say on the internet… lest it make it too hard to give up! But I’m considering it for the social pressure possible in the internet tubes and because I feel so great that I think I can’t keep it a secret.

Stay tuned, next week for the potential resolution-reveal, or at the very least, my review of Capital Bikeshare from Washington, DC. Here’s a sneak peak of me getting ready to ride from Chinatown to Adams Morgan.

Photo taken by Kurt Steiner, an outstanding transportation planner in Boston






2 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans, New Un-inventions, New Everything

  1. Hi Lolly,

    Good luck with your resolutions!

    I recently activated my complementary (UPMC) membership at the USX YMCA in Pittsburgh. (One of the few advantages of getting old[er]!) The large lobby at the entrance to the Y is easily reached from Grant St. via the USX lobby and one floor down an escalator. On my first visit I noticed that although there was tons of unused real estate outside the USS building and at the Y entrance below, and that bikes could easily be maneuvered down there, there were NO bike racks visible! So, I asked the security guard if it would be OK for me take my bike down the escalator to the Y the next time I came to work out, and he seemed to get confused. At first he told me he didn’t think I could and that I would have to take it to the parking garage. When I asked if he would check with someone else, he did, and had his thoughts confirmed. The receptionist inside the Y said I could not bring it in there but that I might be able to park it in the Y lobby. However, she added there were no places to secure it with a lock.

    1) Is this par for the course at Pittsburgh buildings?

    2) Where would be a good place to make some “noise” about this issue, in addition to here?

    P.S. As I post this I realize I may get egg on my face as I haven’t checked out the parking garage. I’ve assumed that parking spots are too valuable in the city to expect a free bike rack there. I hope I’m wrong.

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