The Private and Public Horror of Cut Trees

19 Apr

There are few things more depressing to me than walking by trees that are being butchered or cut.

I just can’t take it when I walk by a scene like this:

20 Dead Trees Under BART Tracks

Tree Amputation at its Finest

I dont really like the 30mph either...

How could 20 dead trees benefit anyone?

** Why Not? **

Of course there are many things we can do with cut trees, we will never ever be able to replicate the benefits they provide from just being left alone to live.

Even when we are able to give trees a second or third life by reprocessing them into houses or toilet paper, we still miss out on the very incredible benefits that standing, living, healthy trees provide us as individuals, and as members of a larger community.

Though we may have a piece of paper claiming that we “own” some land and then the trees and life that are on it, it is false. Trees and land cannot be owned by anyone. They are not our private playthings that we can remove when they become an inconvenience or block our view of something else beautiful. Humans are not the only creatures that depend on trees and we have a responsibility to take care of the Earth that we’ve inherited.

Check out this cute PSA passed on to me by my lovely friend and educator Caitlin Lenahan of Tree Pittsburgh (formerly Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest). If you’re in Pittsburgh, you should make sure to check out their Urban Forest Film Festival tomorrow night at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater.

Please take care.


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