Postcard Challenge

Postcard Challenge Part IV: August Challenge Comes to an End!

Hello lovelies!

So, can you believe it? It’s the last day of August! Have you had a chance to send a postcard this month? If not, there’s still time to grab one, compose something charming and drop it in the mail. I sent nine but they were not the most beautiful postcards I’ve ever sent. Probably I should have sent 1-2 quality ones and instead of a bunch of just-okay ones. Sorry, friends!

If you’ve stretched your postcard muscles this past month, that’s wonderful because in just one tiny rotation of this lovely blue and green planet where we all live, it will be September! And September is a fantastic time to step up the postcard game.

If you didn’t make it in August, that’s very fine too. Try it in September. You’ll likely make someone’s day, or two!

September Postcard Challenge

Dreamboats, the September Postcard Challenge involves sending One Postcard Per Week! Can you do it? Statue of Liberty - EditedIt’s quite a bit easier than it might seem and creates the potential for spreading four times as much joy.

I’m in New York right now (and about to go get a world-class bagel) and I’m going to see if I can find some stellar postcards from this delicious city.

I recently received the postcard to the left from an old flame* in the National Park Service who was working on the new lighting system for the Statue of Liberty that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. It’s now complete! This postcard has a very pleasing texture and is a non-traditional take on a generic postcard theme.

Now I’ll think of that friend whenever I see a different image of the Statue of Liberty AND I get to keep the card forever. So much better than an “yeah, I’m here” email. Make checking the mailbox fun again!

Start creating and sending memories today!

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*Isn’t the phase “old flame” pretty great? Let’s get it back in circulation!

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