What Can I Do?

Kickstarter: Community Funded Creativity

(This is an update to my first post on Kickstarter.)

Everyone has a great idea. Kickstarter is a place “to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.” You can submit your own projects or just help others.

The site is founded on the premise that

  • A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
  • A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.
This is another project I wanted to tell you about.
It’s by my friend, the fancy bike writer, organizer, promoter, speaker, and mover, Elly Blue. Elly’s writing a bike zine and going on tour with Microcosm Publishing this summer. In keeping with the small scale nature of zines, Elly is looking for just $350. She raised $250 in the three days since launching the project.
See You Tomorrow, Hopefully is a performance tours that needs just $1100 more to meet their target and receive funding. Why don’t you help them out?

The Letterpress House: Met Goal

The Community Apiary: Met Goal

How You Can Help

It is so easy to contribute — you can fund a project with just $5. Even though times are tight, skip that next latte or beer, maybe an unnecessary restaurant trip, or an outfit and you can change someone’s life.

Pass it on.

What Can I Do?

Oil and Water Do Not Mix: Two Million Gallons and Still Spewing

Stop. This. Now.

Just because the entire earth isn’t burning at once doesn’t mean that we can keep pursuing the same archaic, inefficient, and destructive policies and technologies in the reckless pursuit of a dollar.

It is time to invest in sustainable transportation now.

Not tomorrow, not in five years, not in 2020, or 2030. Today.

We are in crisis. The earth is in crisis. Our population is unhealthy and obese and getting sicker. We are tied to inefficient, expensive, resource-heavy, sprawl-creating, land-devouring, oil-spilling vehicles, and we need to move away from this immediately.

Not tomorrow, not in five years, not in 2020, or 2030. Today.

Bicycle infrastructure, and public transportation that is cheap or  free, attractive, accessible, clean, predictable, and dependable MUST be a priority today. And we must invest real, substantial  amounts of money into systems that will make our communities ecologically balanced and our population healthy and robust.