Welcome to “Reimagine an Urban Paradise,” a collection of 180~ articles about bicycles, public space, the romance of exploring cities, walking, urban gardening, public transportation, living slowly. You can see keep up with recent posts on Minimize Stress, Maximize Fun and subscribe here.

I wrote this blog between August of 2009 and February of 2012.  I started it when I was living in Washington, DC and continued it as I moved first to Pittsburgh and then to San Francisco. Living in and exploring three different cities while studying and writing about many different aspects of these places gave me a helpful perspective on the best and less great aspects of each one.

I constantly imagined how things could work better or be more beautiful or more resourceful, I was always dwelling on problems.

I wanted to write about how to make things amazing and so I had to articulate how and why the status quo wasn’t working.

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